When life gets complicated, communion reminds of God’s grace

The older I get, the more I realize that it seems most people have complicated lives.  On television, in books, and especially in evangelical churches, we get the impression that most people live with one spouse, in a 3-4 bedroom house, with two cars, and 2-3 kids.  The reality is that life is complicated.  Family relationships are complicated, steady jobs are scarce, and health care problem devastate. For many reasons, most often unrelated to sin, life gets complicated.

During times when life gets even more complicated than normal, I find communion a gift from God.  Communion reminds me that in the midst of a complicated life, God’s gift is freely given.  God’s gift is not dependent upon whether I make all the right decisions, manage my money well, or manage my family relationships perfectly.  The gift of sharing in the body and blood of Christ is free.


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