the awkwardness

I never quite get used to the inelegance of a traditional church service. I find the pauses awkward as the pastor stumbles through announcements.  I feel the awkward silence as the musicians fumblingly find their papers and finally start a song.  

I feel uncomfortable emotions with the unseeingly long delay as the children go down for the children’s sermon. I struggle with my own complicated emotions as the pastor clumsily gets through the children’s sermon with a group of squirming and inattentive group of children.

The non-historical churches have worked very diligently to get rid of the awkward moments.  They spend hours every week rehearsing, making sure every moment is smooth, not leaving even a fraction of a second for the awkwardness.

But, I see God in the awkwardness.  As I have unexpected moments to reflect, I experience God.  As my emotions race through my heart during the children’s sermon, I see God. To experience God is to not only experience God in the rehearsals of life, but to see Him in the awkwardness of life.


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