Trinity Sunday

Tomorrow is my first Trinity Sunday since joining the historical Christian world.  One of the key issues which led to me leaving the evangelical world is that I had this sense that something about the Trinity and especially, the Holy Spirit, was not right.  At first, I couldn’t exactly pinpoint the problem, but I as continue down the wilderness path, the problem is becoming clearer to me.

Somewhere along the way, the non-historical churches made a seemingly subtle, but heretical change in the concept of the Trinity.  Instead of a wonderful and mysterious Trinity that is about relationship within the Trinity and relationship with the Saints, the Trinity was reduced to a monotheistic deity.  In essence, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit have been combined into a single monotheistic power that wants us to have a successful and abundant life.  In some churches, this abundant life is as simple as being a good husband, good wife, and attending Financial Peace University.  In many churches, it has become blatant prosperity gospel.  But the common thread is that Christ and the Holy Spirit have been combined into a single enabling power.  This belief started in many Pentecostal churches, but has found its way into most all Baptist, most all non-denominational churches, and even many Methodist and some denominational churches.

I am only now beginning to grasp the wonderful mystery of the Trinity that I have been missing all these years.  I have so much more to learn, and look with eagerness down the path that my journey will take.


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