Is God Pragmatic?

Last  New Year’s Eve, I had a blog entry describing the most heart rendering of any blog entries I have written, the disappearance of my Sovereign God.  Today, I write the next chapter in this story, the disappearance of my Pragmatic God.

First, a definition from  TheFreeDictionary on the word ‘pragmatic’  …”advocating behaviour that is dictated more by practical consequences than by theory or dogma”. Although many sites suggest modern Pragmatism originated in the 1800s, its roots go back through the centuries, to at least the Ancient Greeks, and perhaps much longer.  The question is whether an act is intrinsically good or evil, or do the consequences of an act determine whether an act is good or evil?

My Pragmatic God has disappeared, following my Sovereign God down the wilderness path.  My Pragmatic God said  “I have a plan for the universe, and a plan for you.  That plan is good.  Even if I bring about evil in your life, that is acceptable because the overall plan is good.”

Now, I realize that a Pragmatic God does not have the concept of absolute right or wrong.  A Pragmatic God has one good (the ultimate plan) and everything else is acceptable consequences for the greater good.

As Christians, as we are being transformed into God’s image, that would make us being transformed into Pragmatists.  As Pragmatists, it doesn’t matter whether an individual action is good or evil, only that the final consequences of the act is good.

My Pragmatic God disappeared, and was transformed into a God that has a concept of intrinsic evil and good.  An act is either good or evil. The consequences are immaterial to determining whether an act is good.

Where does this lead my God?  I am not sure yet.  Discuss with me as I continue down the long and winding path.


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