Lent Fathers : Finishing Up

As I finish this week my journey through the early Fathers for lent (Lent Fathers), I am taking time to reflect on my journey.  Over and over again, one truth comes to my heart, my identification with Christ.  Coming from a non-denominational/non-historical background, Jesus is a friend or Jesus is some distant and sovereign Lord over my life.  But, it appears the early Church Fathers actually identified themselves with Christ.

When we take of the bread of communion, we are participating in Christ’s body in His death on the cross.  When we take of the wine of communion, we are participating in Christ’s blood in His death on the cross. When we are baptized, we die, are buried, and are resurrected as Christ died, was buried, and resurrected. The entire Christian life is one of being identified with, and transformed into, Christ.

I fear this is the biggest truth the modern church has lost.  Is Christ our friend and/or Lord, or do we identify with Christ?


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