Themes of Historical Christianity: God’s Involvement With Creation

The basic starting point of the Christian belief system is that God created the heavens and the Earth.  This creation is much more than physical creation, but includes the extent of God’s involvement in the day to day details.  Some have the extreme belief that God is a supernatural being who created the laws of Physics and then allowed his creation to develop randomly, giving mankind complete freedom.   Others believe an extreme that a sovereign God is involved in the minute details of day to day existence, so much so that individual members of mankind are no more than puppets in God’s creation.  Most Christians would not agree with either extreme, but differences in thought on where to draw the dividing line is the source of most denominational differences.

On the first extreme, mankind has complete freedom of will, and everything that happens in this Earth is the result of the laws of Physics and mankind’s decisions.  On the second extreme, a sovereign God is in such control that even the evil in this world is the result of His action.  Complete freedom of mankind leads to despondency and belief in a God that does not have compassion in the day to day events of this world, whereas complete sovereignty leads to God being the author of evil in this world. Complete freedom leads to a belief that it is up to mankind to solve all problems in this world.  A completely sovereign God leads to complacency, assuming it is up to God to solve Earth’s problems.

Christianity is full of mysteries.  In this case, the mystery of Christianity is that both are true.  Mankind is free to make decisions, yet God is sovereign.  To accept a Christian belief system is to accept that the mystery of God’s sovereignty cannot be answered.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You are so right about this Allen. If we were suppose to understand this concept, God would have made it simple to understand…like “Thou shalt not kill”….we always want to be explain and understand everything in this life…but some things were not suppose to be understood…that's where our faith is suppose to come in.


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