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As I re-start my blog, I want to list the two blogs which are currently influencing my thoughts and writing.

First of all, Eastern Orthodox Writer Father Stephen Freeman has had great influence on my spiritual thoughts.  His reflections on the dangers of modern thought on Christianity have guided me along my spiritual path.

Very recently, I have discovered Franciscan priest Father Richard Rohr and his writings on the contemplative life, specifically on our life as it flows from the Triune God.

I will work not to plagiarize in my writings, but the writings of these two spiritual Fathers will definitely be in my thoughts and meditations as I reflect in this blog.


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Sin as a state, not as a series of actions

My biggest change in thought has developed on the concept of sin.  I had always tried to put all actions in two columns, sin and not-sin.  Every action fit into those two columns.

I now realize sin is a state, not a series of actions.   The world is in a state of sin, I am in a state of sin.  Sin is a not an action or a decision, but it is rather a state of absent communion with the Triune God and with my fellow humankind.

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A new mystery

As I have taken the past few years off of blogging, I have had time to reflect and to mature.   The path is becoming clearer to me everyday, yet more mysterious.   I realize I don’t fit into any categories of modern or rational thought.  I am a mystery, much like the Triune God is a mystery.

In a mysterious way I cannot describe with rational thought, I am both a conservative and a progressive.   I believe in the orthodox faith as presented in the Nicene Creed and passed down through the Church.  Yet, so much of that faith I now see fresh. Particularly, I see the mystery of communion, both with the Triune God and with humans throughout history.   It is the mysteries I seek to explore.


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