An Introduction To God




It is the desire of my heart not to have just intellectual knowledge, but to truly encounter God.  I have just began the book “An Introduction To God” by +Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick.  

As I read and review the book, I will share my thoughts on my blog and other social media.   You can follow one of these links.


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Encountering Christ Through Setting Our Mind

To encounter Christ, we must set our mind on Christ.  Being able to set our mind is a gift, not of our own efforts

Year A – Gospel Lesson, Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost, Matthew 16:21-28

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Losing our identity, gaining our identity. Who are we?

It is easy to be a Christian when our identity is tied up onto church activities.  When we lose that identity, our Christianity is strained. But, only then, through the Spirit and through struggle, we may get a new identity in our encounter with God.  

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love one another

It is easy to be a Christian when we love one another.  To encounter Christ when we have failed to love one another is much more of a challenge. 

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Allen Krell

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The faith of Peter, a gift

Peter’s faith, a gift given by the Father through the Spirit.  A gift clearly given, not earned.

Year A – Gospel Lesson, Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost, Matthew 16:13-20

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Am I a conservative or a liberal?

I hate conservative/liberal labels, but if someone wants to try and force them on me, I would say “I believe in the faith as established by the early church fathers, described in the Nicene Creed, and passed down to me. In a sense, that makes me a ‘conservative’ because I believe in the faith as passed down to me by those who came before. But, I also believe the early church fathers did not necessarily establish a clean set of ethics that crosses historical and cultural differences. I believe it is possible for our system of ethics to continue to adapt and ‘progress’. In that sense, I may be labeled a liberal/progressive. “

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